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 Post subject: Chambered Group
New postPosted: February 14th, 2018, 7:14 pm 
AZS; Woohoo!
AZS; Woohoo!
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Link posted from the advertisers section, for fear that nobody goes there.....

I can't be brief about what a great resource this store is in the west valley, but I'll give it a shot.

In my few short years of living in Arizona, I quickly realized that the west valley is the red-headed stepchild of the greater Phoenix metro area. It is underdeveloped, and not known for, or does not win awards for having the "best of the best."
What great attraction do we have here?, Westgate?? If you're not into football or hockey, I say BFD!
What if you need a great gun shop with knowledgeable people?, Not just drones behind the counter, like say, I dunno, Cabela's??
What's that? Looking for a west valley ballistically oriented gem? Read on my fellow shooters......

A couple of years ago I had a friend buy a Sig from there for something in the neighborhood of $900.
I thought that was a stiff price, and this must be one of those small time expensive ass low volume gun stores. In retrospect I couldn't have been more wrong. For the better part of a year after my closest gun store closed, I used Chambered USA for my FFL transfers. When in the store for a transfer, there was the usual small talk about store items, and general gun talk. Somewhere during that time, I heard people say things about great prices, nice guys, yadda yadda yadda. Then one day I decided to ask about what price he could do for an item I found online, and he beat it!!!, not by much but this is a single shop independently operated, matching an internet price!! Since then he has come close or matched prices on items that I've looked for. When he can't beat prices, it has never been more than $20-$30 over. And for the service, knowledge and change of perspectives I've gained from him, I'll gladly cough up another $20 bill.

Which leads to something worth little more than what's not left in your wallet when one of us leaves a toy store.
Let's stop using the word "he" and call him Jay, which is his name coincidentally. You can come into Jay's store, just like I have, and ask him about a product, and he will give you the full skinny on what he knows about it, or his experience with it, and even how something comparable stacks up to it. I use the word comps because I have wanted to cheap out and go the discount route, and had to make a big u-turn to come around and spend more money to correct things. Now I take the time to stop in and get the full unbiased scoop from him, because of his experience and knowledge, and I do it right the first time.
What a great transition to talk about someone who knows what the hell he's saying. I can only assume Jay is a veteran, I've never directly asked, so don't quote me on that, but he's got one of those big beards, so I can only imagine he's been on one of those SEAL teams, HAHAHA!!!!

But I do know that he's very tactically schooled, just from the few mentions he's made about taking a class, or going to a seminar on something. More than once I've gone in asking about some gimmick or doo-hickey I've wanted to put on my gun, and without saying "that's crap" he rather redirects to say "here's what could happen with that" or "here's what I use." And he ALWAYS has a valid reason as to why he does what he does, it's not just "here, do this cause I'm right." Every so often, I've already learned the right thing, and he agrees with a technique or a product I'm asking about, quite a boost to my mildly intermediate skill level. I say that because I moved to Arizona about 6 years ago and shot paper for about 4 1/2 years, and then somehow woke up and took a sharply focused turn towards self defense. It's like, bullseyes are great, but all the sharpshooting in the world doesn't do a bit of good under stress and adverse conditions. Well, maybe sharpshooting can be brought in when talking about shot placement, but that's for another time and day.

I stress service and knowledge, because somehow what ever part or gun I start to talking about, it turns to tactics and techniques, and it's not like he's trying to change my mind about something.
Take for instance today, I walk in to tell him about a gun I have, and it's two purposes I want to use it for. I really didn't see a need for a certain part I wanted on it, and he explained why it's better safe than sorry, and he didn't talk me into buying that part from him (which he had, and could've easily done,) but endorsed the concept and use of it. Somehow that led to a home defense plan conversation, I guess one of my purposes was HD, but my point there is that he's always glad to share his perspective on things. I must've picked a great time, because luckily we had an uninterrupted 25 minute conversation from which I came out just a bit smarter, something that happens nearly every time I leave there.
To be honest, the only times I don't learn something is when I pick up a new gun, and I want to GTFO and shoot it, LOL!!!
So if you're just looking for information, or a certain item, please stop in and see what Jay at Chambered USA can do for you.
I'm glad I did, and wish I had sooner.

 Post subject: Re: Chambered Group
New postPosted: March 19th, 2018, 6:36 pm 
AZS is my home
AZS is my home
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Jay is the go=to man over there!

I have bought a few M&P's and an AR M&P 15 from his in the past year. I fully agree he is knowledgeable in his field..... I would NEVER hesitate in going to the store for what ever items.....

As an example of his willingness to be fair, he actually had me go to Sportsman's Warehouse to get a Magpul item as it was cheaper than he could do for me. Jay is straight forward and not out to screw you!


John Hansen
Black Wolf Defense

Affordable Firearms training!
AZ CCW classes are $40
Defensive Handgun Class is $65

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